What are the response times for repairs?

We have four types of repairs: Emergency, Urgent, Routine and Major Works.


Your emergency will be attended within 24 hours. We will prioritise calls based on the nature of the emergency and the vulnerability of the customers living in the household.

An emergency is any defect that puts the health, safety or security of customers or anyone else at immediate risk. Emergencies also include defects that can affect the structure of the building. 


Urgent repairs will be completed within 5 days. We will always try to see to your repair sooner rather than later.

Urgent repairs are problems that won’t put customers at risk or damage the property, for example a slow-running blocked sink. 


Non-emergency or routine repairs will be attended within 28 days. We will always try to see to your repair sooner rather than later.

Repairing or replacing a broken kitchen drawer for example, would be carried out under the ‘routine’ category.

Major Works

For major works that will take longer than two working days, we need more time to get all the labour and materials together. These will be completed within 56 days.

Customers will be given a job number, appointment details and the name who will be attending to do the repair such as PropertyCare or an external contractor. We will keep tenants updated on the progress of their repairs including any changes to an agreed appointment.

Customers are offered an appointment “slot”. These are defined as:

    • Morning 8am – 12 noon

    • Afternoon 12 noon – 5pm

    • Avoid school-run 10am – 2pm

We will aim to complete a first time fix wherever possible.

Inspections: If we need to inspect before repair work can be completed, then we will make an appointment with you when you report the repair to us.