If you are a GCH leaseholder, our Handbook explains your rights and obligations under the terms of your lease.

Our Leaseholder Handbook gives a guide to our services for leaseholders, whether you have bought your home under the Right-to-Buy scheme or on the open market. It describes your rights and responsibilities as a leaseholder and our responsibilities as your landlord.

The handbook is a guide not a legal document, so if you have a legal question you will need to refer to your lease and seek your own independent advice through a solicitor or advice agency. But if you would like more information about a particular subject, please contact us.

At the end of the handbook, there is a list of useful telephone numbers and addresses for the council and other local services.

If you have a query about a lease or buying your home please contact the Leaseholder Manager by emailing

Click here for more information on the Right To Buy and the Right to Acquire.

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