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How we are run

Meet our Board of Directors

A photo of Chair of the Board Asif Bhatti


Chair of Board

A photo of Board Member Ann Cornelius


Chair of Remuneration & Nominations Committee

A photo of Board Member David Johnson


Board Member

Dawn Barnes - GCH Board Member


Board Member

A photo of Board Member Jennifer Griffiths


Board Member

Liam Kelch - GCH Tenant Panel Meber


Board Member

A photo of Board Member Maria Bond


Chair of Investment & Development Committee

A photo of Board Member Matthew Sands


Board Member

A photo of Board Member Paul Roberts


Board Member

A photo of Board Member Tim Jackson


Chair of Audit and Risk Committee

Tony Thomas - GCH Board Member


Chair of Nerva Homes

Our Board is made up of ten non-executive directors (8 independents and 2 GCH tenants) who provide strong, focused governance on behalf of our residents.

The Board plays an important role. They bring independence, impartiality and a breadth of experience and specialist knowledge to the organisation. They represent and reflect our communities with an active commitment to achieve equality of opportunity, diversity and inclusion in all our services and activities.

The Board is served by three main Committees: Audit and Risk Committee; Investment and Development Committee and Remuneration and Nominations Committee.  It is supported by Tenant Panel who review and challenge our customer facing policies, service delivery and performance. Panel members are also involved in all high-level complaint reviews and decisions, ensuring that the relevant learning is fed back into the organisation.

Our subsidiary company, Nerva Homes Limited to provide design and build services to GCH with a view to creating efficiencies with any future savings channelled to support the GCH’s core charitable objectives.

The Board has adopted the National Housing Federation Code of Governance 2020.

The role of our board is to: 

  • Set and monitor our strategic direction, making sure our plans are financially viable and effectively delivered..
  • Set and actively drive our social purpose, mission, values, and ambitions..
  • Regularly consider and define the culture and behaviours that best enables us to deliver its mission and values..
  • Embed resident focus, integrity, openness, and accountability..
  • Have systems in place that are open and transparent to our residents, regularly publishing information about our performance and our services.

Manage all of our risks and obtains robust assurance that we:

  • Have effective systems and measures in place to keep our residents and staff safe.
  • Comply with all legal, statutory, regulatory and constitutional requirements.
  • Have systems in place that provide for strict financial and budgetary control that safeguards our viability and protects the long-term interests of our residents and taxpayers
  • Protect our social housing assets and the reputation of the sector.
  • Help GCH to be the best it can be.

GCH has a Board of Directors who are responsible for setting the policies of the organisation and overseeing the running of the company. Their work is co-regulated by Tenant Panel.

Board members normally serve for three years however upon completion of their term they may stand to serve for a further term.

If you have any questions about the board and their work, would like to ask them a question or would like to know the date of the next upcoming meeting, please email

We hold 7 Board Meetings a year which are usually held on Wednesday evenings.

Click here to access our Board Member ‘Declarations of Interest’.

Click here to read our Board Equality and Diversity data.

Works on behalf of the Board to ensure the development and effective operation of robust systems of internal control and corporate governance including:

  • Risk Management and Board Assurance Framework including risk identification, evaluation, tolerance, appetite and controls.
  • Information systems controls and security.
  • Business Continuity.
  • The management of any whistleblowing allegations.
  • Corporate governance monitoring and reviewing compliance with the Board’s adopted code of governance, including the decision-making processes.
  • Making sure the policy, systems and controls for the prevention and identification of fraud are in place.

Independent Assurance to the Committee and Board is further provided through:

  • A programme of Internal Audits is undertaken independently by our internal auditors, as part of the performance and assurance process.
  • Our annual financial statements and company accounts are independently audited by our external auditors.
  • A half yearly assessment against our quality management systems through the BSI: ISO 9001:2015 standard that assesses our ability to consistently provide services.

Works on behalf of the Board to ensure there is effective scrutiny and oversight of our:

  • Development and Regeneration activities including the evaluation of scheme appraisals, monitoring progress of on-site developments, scrutinising project costs and delivery timescales, all aspects of risk, particularly compliance with health and safety requirements.
  • Asset Management investment programme including all annual investment activity, major refurbishment and community investment programmes; a review of viability assessments for high-risk stock in terms of cost that ensures value for money on behalf of residents.
  • Major investment projects that involve a significant level of resource investment, including ICT projects and other projects which are intended to deliver business change and transformation.
  • Opportunities for commercial growth and make recommendations to the Board having regards to cost, quality, market analysis; risk evaluation (cost / benefit analysis) and impact on core service.

Works on behalf of the Board to ensure:

  •  There is a fair and objective remuneration policy for the organisation that is representative of the sector, considering all factors which it deems necessary including relevant legal and regulatory requirements
Nerva Homes Logo

Nerva Homes is a Design and Build company run on behalf of GCH and has been created to achieve greater efficiency, because Nerva is able to reclaim VAT on professional services. 

Nerva is subject to the same governance controls and frameworks operated by GCH.  It is subject to the same standards (through adherence to GCH policies and procedures and use of internal services, such as finance and IT) and delivers part of the Strategic Plan on behalf of GCH, taking direction and delegation from and reporting performance to the GCH Board. 

Meet the Nerva Homes Directors

Tony Thomas - GCH Board Member


Chair of Nerva Homes

A photo of Board Member Matthew Sands


Board Member

Sarah McQuatt - Nerva Homes Board Member


Board Member

The role of our Tenant Panel

Logo for GCH Tenants Panel

Tenant Panel align our governance arrangements to the requirements of co-regulation working alongside the Board to ensure: 

  • Our residents’ voices are heard by Board and there is accountability on behalf of residents. 
  • There is pro-active resident engagement and consultation.
  • We deliver services that our valued by our residents and that provide value for money. 
  • Our customer facing policies are fair and objective, clear and understandable.
  • Our service delivery is regularly challenged and scrutinised.
  • Key performance indicators and targets are monitored, and underperformance challenged.
  • Review on-going performance and delivery of services by our contractors and sub-contractors. 

Tenant Panel Members are also involved in “deep dive” challenge and change service reviews. They are also involved in all high-level complaint reviews and decisions.  

We are always looking for tenants to join Tenant Panel, you can find more information, see what Tenant Panel have been working on and apply to become a member here.

Tenant Panel meetings are held on the 2nd Thursday evening of each month.

Meet our Tenant Panel

James Smith - GCH Tenant Panel Meber


Chair of Tenant Panel

Female shadow image


Tenant Panel Member

Chembe Lwando GCH Tenant Panel


Tenant Panel Member

Laura Bayliss - GCH Tenant Panel Member


Tenant Panel Member

Lesley, one of our Tenant Panel members


Tenant Panel Member

Liam Kelch - GCH Tenant Panel Meber


Tenant Panel Member

Lisa Iliffe - GCH Tenant Panel Member


Tenant Panel Member

Matt Bolton - GCH Tenant Panel Member


Tenant Panel Member

Mel Twyning - Tenant Panel Member


Tenant Panel Member

Executive Leadership Team

Our ELT work closely with the Board and Tenant Panel to meet the strategic aims of the organisation in accordance with the mission, vision and values. Their role is to lead the organisation and covert the strategic aims into operational delivery on behalf of our customers. They are supported by a Senior Leadership Team and Operational Managers who manage our teams and staff to provide essential services.

Meet our Executive Leadership Team

Guy Stenson, new CEO of GCH


Chief Executive

Anita Pope - Director of Housing Communities


Director of Housing and Communities

Anne Southern - GCH Director of Finance


Director of Resources

Michael Hill - Director of Property Services


Director of Asset Management