Anti-Slavery Statement

The UK Parliament passed the Modern Slavery Act (MSA) in March 2015 with the objective of consolidating and extending previous offences relating to slavery and human trafficking.

GCH aim to promote the highest standards in how we run our business and in our employment, tenancy and procurement practices linked to our mission, vision and four core values.

The primary aim of the Anti-Slavery Statement and our policy is to create a greater awareness of modern slavery among our staff, contractors and stakeholders to eradicate the injustice of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Through our Anti-Slavery Policy we aim to:

  • Provide a clear message for GCH customers and partners that Modern Slavery in its various forms is unacceptable and as an organisation we adopt a ‘zero tolerance’ approach.
  • Provide routine training to GCH staff to maintain high levels of awareness regarding modern slavery and human trafficking.
  • Refer any concerns or risks regarding modern slavery to partners such as the Police and Social Care Services for escalation through the National Referral Mechanism (NRM).
  • Fully support the highest ethical standards in terms of procurement and supply chain activities.
  • Support the principles of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and the abolition of modern slavery and human trafficking.

Our Commitment to Tackling Modern Slavery

We will

  • Encourage customers and partners in our communities to report their suspicions of Modern Slavery to the Police and GCH.
  • Support routine Modern Slavery Awareness Training for our front line housing teams highlighting best practice, referral pathways and legislative changes regarding modern slavery.
  • Ensure our staff are trained to observe and spot the signs of slavery and trafficking and are confident to act and report.
  • Inform staff what to do if they suspect a case of modern slavery or human trafficking.

GCH has implemented the following actions to mitigate the risk of modern slavery or human trafficking in the delivery of its services and supply chain:

  • Suppliers requested to provide evidence of compliance with the principles of the Modem Slavery Act.
  • Organisations with a turnover of more than £36 million will be required to provide a copy of their Slavery and Human Trafficking Statement. Smaller contractors will be asked to adopt the GCH statement
  • The tendering of new contracts will include an obligation that suppliers comply with the Modern Slavery Act.
  • To ensure an understanding of the potential risks of modem slavery and human trafficking in delivering our services and managing our supply chain, we will provide training to relevant members of staff.

GCH is a member of the Gloucestershire Anti- Slavery Partnership (ASP), which started work in April 2016 has 18 members working together on a multi-agency basis to tackle slavery issues in Gloucestershire; whilst developing best practice through five Regional Anti-Slavery Partnerships (including Gloucestershire) covering the South West. GCH are well placed to be part of our county’s response as housing officers will come into contact with potential victims of trafficking and slavery as part of their work and we are keen to play our part to support victims and provide a positive and pro-active contribution to the partnership.

If you have any concerns regarding Modern Slavery please contact the Modern Day Slavery Helpline on 0800 0121 700 to report a suspicion or seek advice. In all emergencies please contact the Police on 999.