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Mutual Exchange

A mutual exchange (the swapping of a home and tenancy) with another housing association or local authority tenant is a quick and effective way of moving.

An exchange partner can be found using the Homeswapper website (free for GCH tenants) or by posting on our GCH Facebook Page.

Once you have found someone to exchange with, both parties will need to complete a Mutual Exchange Application form which can only be accessed online via MyGCH.

If you would like advice from your Housing Officer please contact us. We can also help you to set up a MyGCH account or help you to get online. Click here for more information.

We will respond to your request within 42 days from the application’s receipt.

You are unable to swap homes if:

  • You have a Starter tenancy
  • We have started legal action against you
  • You owe us money
  • The homes are significantly too big or too small for you or the person you want to swap with
  • You have not looked after your home and it is in poor condition
  • The homes involved are designed to meet a specific needs and you do not meet these requirements. For example a home which has medical adaptations which are not required

Please note: If you are an Enhanced Assured tenant and you move to another landlord you will lose your protected rights such as the Right to Buy and additional succession right.

If you are thinking of swapping you need to consider these points…

  • Make sure that you are happy with the property that you are looking to move into
  • Visit and inspect all of your exchange partner’s home and garden as many times as you need to. Visit at different times of the day if possible
  • If you are moving to GCH property, you will need to pay at least one weeks rent in advance. Even if you are in receipt of Housing Benefit or Universal Credit
  • Make sure that you are aware of any parking restrictions or limitations around the property
  • Let us know if you are concerned about the property that you are looking to move to. If you are moving to a GCH property you will be invited to inspect the property with us
  • Be certain that you want to move
  • Removals and reconnections all add up. Be aware of the costs
  • It is illegal to accept any money in return for agreeing to swap
  • You must not swap until you have both landlord’s permission as this can put you at risk of homelessness
  • GCH must have access to complete electric and gas checks (usually carried out within 48 hours prior to your sign up)
  • Be aware that GCH will not accept any responsibility for any rubbish that is left in the property that you move into. It is your responsibility to resolve this with the person you are swapping with

For more information about swapping homes visit our FAQ here.

For more information about Homeswapper please visit their how to page.

An exchange partner can be found using Homeswapper (free for Gloucester City Homes tenants) or by posting on our GCH Facebook Page.