How do I end my tenancy?

If you want to end your tenancy you will need to let us know by completing a notice of termination.

You must give us at least four weeks’ termination notice in writing ending on a Sunday unless we agree to a notice ending on a different day.

You can submit a notice of termination online.

You will need to return all of the properties keys to our office (or any place we agree) on an agreed date. If you fail to return the keys at the end of your tenancy we may continue to charge use and occupation fees (equivalent to rent) until the keys are returned. If we have to change the locks of the property due to your failure to return the keys, we will charge you the costs of the replacement.

When you leave your home you must remove all furniture, personal possessions and rubbish and leave your home and our fixtures and fittings in good lettable condition and repair (subject to fair wear and tear). If you fail to comply with this condition you will be charged for disposal of rubbish and cleaning of your home.

We do not accept any responsibility for anything you leave at your home at the end of the tenancy.

Read our guide to moving out here.