How do I stop condensation?

How do I stop condensation?

Condensation can occur in any home. You can take steps to prevent it.

Control excess moisture:

  • close kitchen and bathroom doors to prevent steam going into other colder rooms.
  • open kitchen and bathroom windows when cooking or washing so that steam can escape, or use an extractor fan if you have one fitted.
  • open some windows in other rooms for a while each day to allow a change of air.
  • do not use bottled gas heaters – these are not allowed to be kept inside under gas regulations.
  • wipe down surfaces where moisture settles to prevent mould forming; and
  • do not block air vents or air bricks in your property.
  • use fans where they are fitted.
  • do not cover radiators.

Produce less moisture:

  • dry clothes outdoors whenever possible, otherwise use well ventilated rooms.
  • cover pans when cooking: and
  • vent any tumble drier to the outside, or use a tumble dryer condenser box.

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