What are the Rent Service Standards?

Paying Your Rent – Our Service Standards

We want to support you by providing the best possible advice to help you make your rent payments. As part of our Service Standards, we will:

  • Give you easy-to-understand information on; arrears, the help we can offer, actions we may take and independent advice agencies.
  • Manage rent accounts well and tell you about any arrears quickly.
  • Agree realistic repayment plans with you.
  • Send you a rent statement regularly showing your payable rent, your account balance, your payments, benefit payments, outstanding arrears and other adjustments.
  • Send you a copy of your rent account when you ask, within 1 working day.
  • Give you your account balance over the phone, having confirmed your identity.
  • Advise you about claiming welfare benefits, tax credits and any other benefits you may be entitled to.
  • Give you help and advice on managing your money.
  • Refer you to an independent advice agency before taking legal action.
  • Respond to urgent enquiries about legal action we are taking, within 1 working day.