What are Court Orders?

What are Court Orders?

If you do not pay your rent and cannot stick to a payment agreement we may have no choice but to evict you.

There are different types of court orders and we may use the below to manage our tenancies:

Suspended possession

This suspends the possession of your home based upon an agreement to pay your rent. If you stick to the agreed payments nothing else will happen. If you do not make the agreed payments we can apply to the court and seek a possession order. You may then have to leave your home.

Immediate possession

We only ask the court for an immediate possession order where we cannot reach a sustainable agreement to clear the arrears. This means that we can apply for a warrant to evict you from your home and do not need to wait.

Possession after a specified number of days

This is similar to an immediate possession order except that the court decides that we should wait a number of days until we can apply for an eviction warrant. If you still break the court order then we can continue with legal action.