How do I contact Gloucester City Council?

You can find information on services on the Council’s website or you can call 01452 396396 and ask for the service you need.

In March 2015, Gloucester City Council’s housing was transferred to the ownership of Gloucester City Homes. Gloucester City Council monitors our services to ensure that we deliver the promises set out in the Offer to tenants, made at the time of the transfer.

The role of the City Council

The Council continues to provide strategic housing services in the City, such as:

  • Homeseeker Plus
  • Helping homeless people
  • General housing advice
  • City-wide housing strategies and policies
  • Housing and Council Tax benefit
  • Enforcing standards in the private housing sector

The Council also provides other general services, such as:

  • Environmental Health
  • Leisure services
  • Planning
  • Waste collection and recycling