How often do you clean communal areas in flats?

How often do you clean communal areas in flats?

We know it is important to keep the communal areas around and leading up to your home clean.

These are the cleaning standards for communal areas.

Communal areas will be cleaned weekly or fortnightly depending on the contractual arrangements in place for each block.

Our cleaning partners will clean:

Bin store areas including walls and ceilings, bin chutes, outside bin areas, walls and ceilings, light fixtures, balconies, steps, stairs and landings, inside and outside glazing up to the first floor (about 2.5m high), inside and outside doors, electrical fittings, signs and notices, passenger lifts, other painted and varnished surfaces, WCs, laundries, kitchens, lounges, bathrooms, guest rooms, carpets, handrails, mirrors and pictures, window blinds, and raised half landings.

Every 12 months our cleaning partners will:

  • Clean outside communal stairwell windows on the first floor and above and soft furnishings e.g. curtains
  • Shampoo and dry all carpets in the 8 main sheltered schemes.

To help us maintain these standards, please help us by:

  • Being careful about how you dispose household waste
  • Keeping security doors closed
  • Reporting any repairs, damage or graffiti
  • Not dropping litter or dumping rubbish
  • Telling us if you are not satisfied with standards in your neighbourhood
  • Keeping proper control of your pets.

As well as this, your tenancy conditions say that you must:

  • Keep the common areas of your block clean and tidy. This includes staircases, landings, entrance halls, lifts and bin areas
  • Keep the areas clear of anything that might cause a hazard or block people’s access

With your help we intend to keep communal areas as clean as possible.