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Updating your rent on your Universal Credit Journal

In February we wrote to all tenants about rents increasing. From 6th April Universal Credit claimants will need to update their housing costs on their journal.

Here are the steps you need to take:

  1. You will receive a message reminding you to complete a ‘To-Do’
  2. When you visit your ‘To-do list’ there will be an item called “Report any changes to your housing costs”
  3. Open this and add in the information about your new rent charges
  4. When you are asked ‘has your rent changed’ you need to select ‘yes’ and complete the rest of the questions
  5. The date that the increase takes place from is 6th April 2020
  6. Make sure to save all the information

If you have any concerns or questions get in touch with our friendly Tenancy Sustainment Team or speak to your Income Officer.

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