What is the Decent Homes Standard?

Decent Homes Standard

In 2000, the Government brought in rules about the quality of homes tenants rent from councils or housing associations. The standard is:

A decent home will be warm, weatherproof and have reasonably modern facilities.
These are the main things taken into account when deciding if a home meets the Decent Homes Standard. A decent home must:

  • Be in reasonable repair
  • Meet current legal housing standards
  • Have reasonably modern facilities and services

This means at least 4 of the following:

  • A kitchen that is no more than 20 years old
  • A kitchen with adequate space and layout
  • A bathroom that is no more than 30 years old
  • A suitably located bathroom and toilet
  • Adequate noise insulation
  • Adequate space and layout in common areas of flats
  • Be efficiently heated and effectively insulated

Gloucester Housing Standard

Working with our tenants we have developed a Gloucester Housing Standard. This provides better facilities than the basic Decent Homes Standard.

The standard includes:

  • High-quality PVC double-glazed windows with secure locking handles
  • No all-metal window
  • Modern fitted kitchen units, also vinyl flooring, tiling and extractor fan
  • A full heating system
  • A modern fitted bathroom suite with extractor fan, vinyl flooring, tiling and redecoration
  • High-quality, secure front and back doors with a choice of fittings
  • Loft insulation, cavity-wall insulation and external insulation with rendering as appropriate
  • Modern wiring including smoke detectors, plus electricity meters in an outdoor cabinet where possible
  • Gardens that have been cleared and left tidy where required
  • Good access, where possible, to external doors and staircase/doorway handrails where needed
  • Footpaths and boundary fencing to front and rear gardens, with gates as required
  • Off-street parking with paved access and a refuse/green bin storage area where possible
  • A modern watertight roof