How do you maintain grass and landscaped areas around my home?

We know that your local environment is important to you and your quality of life.

Our grounds maintenance partner looks after the grassed areas in your neighbourhood. They will:

  • Cut grassed areas at sheltered housing schemes (including semi-sheltered schemes).
  • Cut all other grassed areas maintained by pedestrian rotary machine or cutting on amenity grass areas, on a cut and leave basis, 12 cuts per season
  • Strim all grassed areas and borders edged as appropriate, 12 times per season
  • Spray weed sprays on hard surfaces, 2 times per season
  • Maintain shrub beds and borders, 1-2 occasions per season
  • Cut hedges appropriately, 2, 3 or 4 occasions per season dependent on location and type of hedge
  • Collect, remove and dispose of fallen leaves as appropriate, 4 occasions per season