Am I allowed pets in my home?

Am I allowed pets in my home?

You should only keep animals that are suitable as domestic pets and must look after pets properly. We can revoke permission if you are do not look after your pet/s properly and if they are causing a nuisance to neighbours.

In your tenancy agreement it states that you can keep one domestic pet and one caged pet without our permission however you must apply for permission to keep any more. To request permission to keep more than one pet please complete a Pet Application Form or request one from your Housing Officer.

Pet(s) we consider reasonable are:

  • Domestic cats and dogs
  • Small animals such as rabbits, hamsters, guinea pigs
  • Small caged animals such as budgies and canaries
  • Fish (not including large aquarium’s)
  • Non-poisonous insects and spiders (if appropriately tanked)
  • Non-poisonous snakes and reptiles under two feet in length when fully grown (if appropriately tanked)

Permission will always be granted for assistance dogs, such as guide dogs or hearing dogs.

The number of pets residents can keep in their properties will depend on several factors.

When you send us a Pet Application Form we will aim to get back to you within 10 working days