Get to know your Neighbourhood Patch Teams

A member of GCH staff conducting a survey with a tenant

Your Neighbourhood Patch Team provides a wide range of valued housing related services and support:

  • Neighbourhood Manager: Responsible for key housing issues related to your homes and neighbourhoods including: low level ASB, mutual exchanges, tenancy breaches and neighbourhood inspections.
  • Income Account Manager: Supporting Tenants to pay their rent on time as well as identifying and supporting those who might need assistance.
  • Enhanced Support Coach: Working with community partners, identifying and supporting tenants who require additional help to access services; ensuring they can manage their home and tenancy.
  • Community Safety and Enforcement Manager: Working with tenants and residents to address serious anti-social behaviour, managing safeguarding cases and tenancy breaches.
  • Tenancy Sustainment Advisors: Working across all Neighbourhood Patch Teams providing support and advice to tenants on managing and making the most of their income and ensuring they are accessing welfare benefits where appropriate.