Closure of Clapham Court

View of Clapham Court, Kingsholm

GCH has reluctantly made the difficult and sad decision to close and demolish its high-rise sheltered housing scheme, Clapham Court. This will happen gradually over the course of the next three years.

We understand and recognise that our decision will have a devastating impact on our residents and that Clapham Court is their home with treasured memories. We also know their families will be concerned for their loved ones.

We are in individual communication with all of the affected residents and will work closely with them and their family members to ensure that suitable future housing is made available to them.

The decision has been made as the building is over 50 years old and because of its height and concrete construction, it needs regular attention just to maintain it in its present condition. Working with specialist advisors, we have looked at the significant and increasing costs needed over the coming years, alongside the future desirability of Clapham Court as accommodation for older residents. These costs are likely to exceed £1 million and have the potential to keep rising.

Please be assured that we will continue to provide quality services, maintain the building to its existing high standards and ensure that it continues to meet all health and safety requirements in the meantime.

Anita Pope, Director of Housing and Communities said ‘We would like to reassure local residents that nothing will happen immediately, and we expect that it will take up to three years before any works might start. All local residents will have an opportunity to comment on any future development when that stage is reached.’