Response to Gloucestershire Live Article Regarding Matson Lodge

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We are aware of some confusion regarding Matson Lodge and our future plans for its use and so we wanted to provide an update on what’s happened and where we are.

Gloucester City Homes has been trying to secure planning permission for a small affordable homes development to include the lodge and provide Matson Anglers with a container facility which they can use for storage and a small café. GCH have already purchased the container which is currently being stored ready for set up by the lakeside once we get approval. However as this is on City Council land, we needed to get planning permission and agreement to site this on their land. Despite several planning applications and extensive discussions with the City Council we have still not managed to move this forward. However in the interim we have provided significant funding to the Matson Anglers group and put in electricity and a water pump to support the development and use of the lake for them and the wider community.

We understand the Matson Anglers and the communities frustration in the time it is taking to move this forward but we need to make it clear that at no point have we ever offered School Lodge to the Matson Anglers to convert into a café as this is a social housing asset which needs to be used for the benefit of all GCH tenants, we cannot just give it to a specific group. If we are unable to secure planning permission to bring it back into use for housing our next consideration is to sell it and invest the funds into another development. Clearly this will provide the community with an opportunity to purchase it if they which to. We remain committed to siting a container facility next to the lake subject to City Council approval and planning permission being granted.

We will continue to keep the Matson Community updated on progress.