Become a GCH Digital Customer Champion

We are currently looking to recruit ‘Digital Customer Champions’ to enable us to take tenant feedback in to account on decisions we make about GCH’s digital platforms. Duties are to include:

  • Reviewing website pages
  • Reviewing navigation of the website and how easy it is to find certain content
  • Feedback on campaigns
  • Input into what content the website needs
  • Feedback on the development of a new customer app
  • Reviewing of tenant communication

The meetings will be held quarterly (the first meeting will take place on the last week of April 2021), online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams, so it is accessible to everyone; therefore, you will need access to join online meetings (we can assist tenants to get online). Members of this group will also be given a £25 voucher per meeting or feedback session. If you would like to be a part of this group, please fill out the application below:

All applications will be reviewed for suitability and we can provide digital training and support with access where required.

If you have any queries about this application please email