Rights and Responsibilities

As a landlord we have important obligations to our tenants and in turn our tenants are responsible for keeping to the tenancy conditions. We will work with tenants to make sure that your rights and responsibilities are clear and help you to maintain a successful tenancy.

  • Provide you with a safe and secure appropriate accommodation.
  • Ensure we provide reasonable notice when we need to visit your property.
  • Respect customers’ quiet enjoyment of their home.
  • Keep your home in reasonable repair (including the structure, installations provided by us and common parts of your home).
  • Welcome customer feedback .
  • Provide you with information and advice on all aspects of our housing management services.
  • Support and refer customers to partner agencies where necessary.
  • Ensure an annual home safety check is completed.
  • Paying your rent and charges on time.
  • To comply with all aspects of your tenancy conditions. Including but not limited to;
    • not subletting your home.
    • reside as your only or principal home.
    • ensure household members and visitors do not cause anti-social behaviour.
    • be a responsible pet owner.
  • To look after and keep your home in reasonable repair. Including but not limited to;
    • promptly reporting repairs.
    • keeping your home secure.
    • keeping the interior of your home in a reasonable state of decoration, repair and cleanliness.
    • allowing access to our staff and contractors when needed.
    • keep gardens and outbuildings tidy.
    • ensure communal areas are kept clear.
  • To give at least four weeks’ notice in writing when you wish to end your tenancy.

You are advised to insure the contents of your home, your possessions and, in particular, any items for which you are responsible.

If you do not keep to your responsibilities as a tenant we will ask you to meet these and if you fail to comply we can start a legal process to evict you. This is always our last option and will try our best to work with you to maintain a successful tenancy.

Note: This is not a complete list and you should refer to your tenancy agreement for more detail on your rights and responsibilities or you can contact your Neighbourhood Manager who will be happy to discuss this with you.