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Worried about paying your rent? We are here to help you

The challenges that we have all faced due to the COVID19 pandemic have impacted everyone and we understand that it has been a very difficult time for many. Your rent is still a priority bill and we are here to support tenants with any money concerns.

We can help to advise on the Furlough Scheme if you have any queries. This has been brought back in November to help employees who are unable to work due the Government announcement made on 31st October.

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The government have encouraged any tenants who are struggling to pay their rent to speak to their landlord at the earliest opportunity.  At GCH we provide tenants every opportunity to keep their home during times of difficulty and have a friendly Income and Tenancy Sustainment Team who can work with you to provide support and advice covering income/benefit maximisation, budget management and referrals to organisations who can help.

If you are facing uncertainty, redundancy or unemployment get in touch with your Income Officer or our Tenancy Sustainment Team.

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Try our free budgeting calculator here. You also have the option to send this to us so we can review your budget and make suggestions of where you may be entitled to further income.