What are Home Safety Checks?

What are Home Safety Checks?

By law we must carry out Home Safety Checks at every property each year. The aim of this check is to service any gas fires, boilers and water heaters in your home. We will also test your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms, where fitted.

You must allow our engineers into your home to do this. If you do not let them in, you are putting the lives of you, your family and neighbours at risk. You must have Credit on your meter otherwise we cannot carry out the service and your supply will be capped.


When your safety checks are due, we will give you at least 1 week’s notice of the appointment. Should you be out at the agreed time, the engineer will leave a card with a new appointment. If you cannot keep an appointment we have made for you, you must phone us as soon as possible to arrange a new appointment.
Should any appointment be inconvenient for you, please let us know with as much notice as possible.

If you do not keep your appointment

If you do not get in touch with us, we will start legal action to get into your home. We will do this within 12 months of the date we last checked and serviced the appliance(s).

If we smell gas or have concern for your welfare, we reserve the right to force entry to your home to take emergency action. This is to protect your health and safety and that of your neighbours.

We do this because if your gas appliance isn’t serviced it can cause death by carbon monoxide poisoning or explosion. We won’t put your safety or that of your neighbours at risk in this way. Thank you for your cooperation.

We may charge you for all the costs of taking legal action, coming out to your home, forcing entry and doing repairs. If you keep refusing us entry you may lose your home.

Your own gas appliances

If you have fitted any gas appliances, please have them checked and serviced every year to make sure they are safe. We check this takes place. Always use a Gas Safety Registered gas fitter for any work to gas appliances.