Can I install CCTV?

Tenants must ask our permission before installing CCTV because we must be sure that the system doesn’t break the law or damage any property. We will not withhold permission if the following applies:

  • The system covers just your property and nobody else’s.
  • CCTV does not cover communal areas.
  • The system does not cause damage to neighbouring properties and that any damage is made good.
  • Suitable signage is installed.
  • Reasons for the CCTV are provided. We may ask tenants to consider other solutions before giving permission. For example, security lighting and neighbourhood watch schemes.
  • That GCH are able to view the cameras once fitted, at installation or at a later time if requested.
  • That the system complies with relevant UK law.

We will not provide consent or may withdraw consent if residents are not meeting these conditions or have not sought prior consent before installing CCTV. If cameras are clearly focused on neighbours’ homes or property then this may be deemed as behaviour capable of causing a nuisance or annoyance and is a breach of the terms of the tenancy agreement. In these instances, we will ask for the CCTV equipment to be removed and if no action is taken we reserve the right to take legal action to remove it and costs will be recharged.

Residents are responsible for the images they record and must comply with legislation, for example:

  • They can only keep information for as long as necessary.
  • They must be able to justify the use of CCTV under the law.
  • Their images must be of good enough quality to identify people.

For more information, residents can go to the Information Commissioners Office website.