Image of lungs on photograph of body

Respiratory Pilot Scheme has overwhelming response

The Respiratory Pilot Scheme, a joint initiative between Gloucester City Homes (GCH) and the NHS/Integrated Care Board (ICB), has successfully concluded its first phase. The scheme was developed to assess the impact of a more energy-efficient home on respiratory health and overall well-being.

Initially designed to assess the impact of home improvements on the health of 20 GCH customers with chronic lung conditions, the scheme received an overwhelming response, receiving and accepting 60 referrals. In addition, 73 GCH customers were referred to the “Warmth on Prescription” programme, ensuring they receive financial help with heating during the colder months.

GCH is currently in the process of improving energy-efficiency in the homes of those 60 people. Once the works have been completed, a review of the Respiratory Pilot Scheme will take place starting in April 2024.

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