Recycling Week is here!

Join the 20th anniversary of Recycle Week, 16-22 October! 🎉

The theme is “The Big Recycling Hunt” – a fun way to learn what can and can’t be recycled. Let’s reduce waste in our GCH community by discovering commonly missed recyclable items such as:
Bedroom 👉Aerosols are commonly found in the bin, when they shouldn’t be! As long as they’ve had their last spray, they can be recycled. That’s deodorants, air fresheners and hair sprays.
Kitchen 👉You can recycle most takeaway trays as well as butter tubs, fruit punnets and plastic meat trays. When you find one, just rinse it out and pop it in the recycling.
Bathroom 👉Whether it’s bubble bath, shower gel, shampoo or conditioner, once they’re empty put them in the recycling.

Together, we can make recycling in Gloucester easy and build a sustainable future. Let the hunt begin!