Our Customer Commitment

We’ve developed a new Customer Commitment, which was unveiled at our recent colleague event.  

Listening – really listening – to customers is a skill we’re trying hard to master. We haven’t always got it right. Until recently, we focussed on answering phone calls as quickly as possible, so that customers didn’t have to wait too long to speak to us. We meant well, but in practice those short conversations weren’t always as thorough and effective as they could have been.

We’ve moved away from that call centre approach, to focus on the quality of the interaction with customers. We’ve invested in training our Customer Experience team, so they have a good understanding of repairs, neighbourhood issues, advice and tenancy support. That means they’re better placed to resolve issues from the beginning. And if they can’t, they’ll make sure someone gets back to the customer as soon as possible. We’ve prioritised responding quickly to emails, MyGCH and Facebook messages,to give customers more options for contacting us and to keep the phone queues down. And we’re making better use of our automated call-back system so customers aren’t left waiting on the line.

Driven by customer feedback, we’ve recently introduced a new Customer Satisfaction Team. One of their key roles is to really understand why things have gone wrong and how we can improve the way we work, making sure lessons learnt are applied across the organisation.

Read our Customer Commitment here.

"We hope that by taking the time to really listen to our customers, together we can focus on the things that really make a difference to them."