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Prioritise rent payments, says national debt charity

National debt charity Step Change advises that rent should come first.

“Not paying your rent or your mortgage over a period of time could result in you losing your home. This is a very serious outcome which is why it is such a priority. If you are worried about falling behind with priority debts, it’s vital you get advice. The sooner you deal with these debts, the more likely you’ll prevent serious action being taken against you.” they say.

Maintaining a positive credit balance is not just a requirement of every customer’s tenancy agreements, but it’s a commitment to a thriving housing association which is here to serve everyone in our communities.

“Life can throw up unexpected moments especially during festive seasons like Christmas or significant personal outgoings. But Instead of dipping into rent funds, it’s important to plan ahead and budget wisely. It’s about finding balance and ensuring the security and happiness of your home,” explains Becky Hayward, Income & Sustainment Manager at GCH. “If you find yourself facing difficulties, reach out! Support is available, and our Tenancy Sustainment team can work with customers to explore solutions. Eviction is a last resort, but it is a very real risk if rent payments are not prioritised. The vast majority of customers ensure their accounts are in credit, which means we can invest that rent money back into their homes and communities.”