New NHF report published: Let’s fix the housing crisis

The National Housing Federation has published its new report Let’s fix the housing crisis: delivering a long-term plan for housing. It is a call for an ambitious, long-term plan to fix the housing crisis.  

England is in a housing emergency. Across every community in the country, millions of people are being let down by a failing system. The NHF has set out potential policies and funding schemes that would enable housing associations to deliver on their social purpose – to provide good quality homes for people who need them most – and work with the next government to fix the housing crisis.

According to NHF, its long-term plan for housing could achieve the following by 2035:

  1. End child homelessness
  2. Halve overcrowding
  3. Provide the security of a social home for one million more people
  4. Ensure a warm and decent home for seven million more families
  5. Improve affordability
  6. Boost productivity by ensuring every region has the homes it needs to grow
Responding to the report, Guy Stenson, GEO of GCH said:

“We welcome the report from NHF which calls for all political parties in this election year to take a broad view of the whole housing system. We all need to recognise that getting the right housing in place must happen first before we can achieve other priorities, such as improving health and wellbeing, addressing the climate emergency and growing the economy. Here at GCH we are ready to play a central role in making this happen, whether that’s by delivering the best possible services for customers, investing in our homes and communities, supporting those who need it, or building new social homes.”