Your new Patch Teams

Talking to a local resident at Podsmead Windrush Event

Following a restructure of our frontline Housing Teams we are pleased to announce your new Neighbourhood Patch Teams who will be working in your community to provide valued services and support. We have also made changes to how you can contact the team via email using the following new email address

We have made these changes in response to your ongoing feedback and to improve the way we work, providing our tenants and residents with a team of staff working together with a strong focus on your community. This approach will support improved communications within GCH and most importantly with our tenants and residents, ensuring that we provide regular updates on our services and the patch team takes shared ownership of all issues and agreed actions. We know that in addition to the ongoing impact of COVID, the restructure has caused some disruption to services and we apologise for any confusion caused. We are now pleased to be able to introduce our new team to support you and your community.

To find out who the new patch team for your community is please click here

We have also been working with Tenant Panel to review your feedback on the quality of the customer experience we provide and agree improvements. As a result we have introduced a brand new Customer Experience Team who will be the first point of contact when you telephone or email GCH; they will respond to any queries you may have and ensure these are passed on and responded to by the correct team where required.  

For any future housing queries you might have please contact us using either our phone number 01452 424344 or email