Maintenance engineer in front of GCH Propertycare van

From 1st March 2023, our new repairs standards will be clearer for you and enable us to respond more flexibly to your needs.


The Government is bringing in new tenant satisfaction measures from April and our new service standards mean that we can report more closely against national benchmarks. We are aiming for the highest standards possible, so we have set ourselves ambitious targets that exceed the new regulations.

It also means that our scheduling team can plan more effectively, reducing the need for call-backs and getting urgent repairs completed more quickly.

What to expect from our repairs and maintenance team


Your emergency will be attended within 24 hours. We will prioritise calls based on the nature of the emergency and the vulnerability of the customers living in the household.


Urgent repairs will be completed within 5 days. We will always try to see to your repair sooner rather than later.


Routine repairs and maintenance will be completed within 28 days. We will always try to see to your repair sooner rather than later.


For major works that will take longer than two working days, we need more time to get all the labour and materials together. These will be completed within 56 days.

How do you decide what is emergency, urgent or routine?

Our skilled Customer Experience team will assess your service request. Emergency repairs are any defects that put the health, safety or security of customers or anyone else at immediate risk. Emergencies also include defects that can affect the structure of the building.

Urgent repairs are problems that won’t put customers at risk or damage the property, for example a slow-running blocked sink. If a kitchen drawer is broken, for example, a repair or replacement will be carried out under the ‘routine’ category.

How to request a repair

You can help us to help you by providing us with as much detail as possible about the repair issue. Once we’ve booked a repair please keep to your appointment and make it as easy as possible for our engineers to access the area where the repair will take place.