Important Update on XL Bully Dog Ownership for GCH Customers

We want to inform our GCH customers about a crucial update to our pet policy. Starting January 31, 2024, owners of XL Bully dogs must apply for a ‘Certificate of Exemption’ to legally keep their pets.

To obtain the certificate, follow these steps by the deadline:

  1. Obtain third-party public liability insurance cover for your dog.
  2. Neuter your dog permanently if not already done, confirmed by a vet.
  3. Pay a non-refundable fee of £92.40 for each dog.
  4. Apply for the Certificate of Exemption on GOV.UK.

Failure to hold a Certificate of Exemption on February 1, 2024, is a criminal offence and a breach of your tenancy agreement. This means we will have no choice but to remove the dog from the property if you do not comply with this important legislation. Learn more about it here.

When GCH staff visit your property, we expect any XL Bully dogs to be muzzled. If you own an XL Bully, please notify us immediately and provide proof that you have completed the certification process or are in the process of doing so before the deadline.