Help for Ukraine

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We have all been profoundly affected by the war in Ukraine and the images we are seeing daily of the suffering and devastation on the people of Ukraine, and we all want to play our part in helping those affected in any way we can.

At GCH our staff have been making donations to charity relief efforts and we have been working with local partners to provide accommodation and welcome Ukrainian families moving into our communities.

We fully support the Homes for Ukraine scheme and wherever possible will support tenants and residents who may wish to offer up an unoccupied spare bedroom to those fleeing Ukraine at this time.

Just a few things to remember in relation to complying with your tenancy agreement with GCH should you wish to register via the Government’s website:

  • If you have been a tenant with GCH for less than 12 months, you need to seek our permission.
  • If you are a secure tenant (you have had a tenancy for more than 12 months and this has successfully been converted to an Assured tenancy) then you have the right to take in a lodger, but you will still need to seek our permission.
  • You must not overcrowd your home.

Your Neighbourhood Manager can provide advice on the requirements.

If you wish to be part of the Homes for Ukraine scheme and host Ukrainian refugees, please fill in the form below or contact your Neighbourhood Manager to get our permission before you sign up to the Government Scheme.

There will also be property and personal checks undertaken by the agencies managing the re-settlement scheme in relation to applicants’ suitability to support the scheme.

The Government has advised that any housing support should be available for a minimum of six months and an optional £350 per month “thank you” payment will be paid for as long as you sponsor a family for up to 12-months. This is paid in arrears. The Government advice also states that existing benefits will not be affected by this payment.

Details can be found here, and tenants should check the details of the scheme and Government advice before proceeding as this may be subject to change.

So that we can consider your request to become a host as part of Homes for Ukraine, please fill in this form. We will be in contact within 2 weeks with our decision.