Grounds maintenance schedules

With the first grass cutting of the season now happening across our green areas, here is when you can expect to see our grounds maintenance team working on specific jobs:
🌱 Grass cut every 3-4 weeks during March – October
🌳 Hedges cut between September – November and again February – March, avoiding bird-nesting season.
🌷 Beds and borders maintained October – February.
With over 180,000 square metres of green spaces to maintain, careful scheduling of mowing, strimming and hedge-trimming is key. To make sure our grounds maintenance team and our machinery are working in the most efficient way, this can sometimes mean we do part of a job one day and return to finish it the next – this particularly applies to grass cutting and strimming, where we might strim an area in preparation for the mowers to cut the following morning.
Hedges will be predominantly cut in the autumn months when the grass cutting season and bird nesting season has come to an end. But if a hedge is presenting a health and safety issue, we’ll apply a light trim to eradicate this. In areas owned by GCH we’ll strim every time we cut the grass.
All schedules are flexible, taking weather conditions and other priorities into account.