Cold Weather Tips

Tips for keeping warm this winter

The cold weather is now upon us, here’s some tips for keeping safe and warm whilst temperatures have dropped…

Layer up

Wearing lots of layers, rather than one thick item of clothing, is a smarter way to keep warm in winter.

This is the best time of year to wear slippers in the house and to change your duvet and blankets to thicker winter ones.

Block Draughts and Keep in Heat

Try and block any areas in your home that are particularly draughty, including around window frames, keyholes and under doors. 

Keeping your curtains open in the day will let light and warmth in but remember to draw them before it gets dark to avoid losing heat.

Be Clever with Heating

With increased energy costs, you can try being selective about where you heat your home. Try and keep the room where you spend most of your time, such as your living room or bedroom, heated to a comfortable temperature if you can. You can turn down the radiators in hallways or rooms that aren’t being used, and close doors to trap heat in certain areas.

Other options such as hot water bottles or electric blankets can be useful.  Avoid using plug-in heaters if possible – they are expensive to run.

Eat Warming Foods

Eating warm foods such as soup and hot drinks can help to keep you warm. Cooking using a slow cooker, microwave, or air fryer can be cheaper than running an oven for a prolonged period.

Get Moving

Keeping active improves our circulation so don’t forget to move around and avoid sitting still for long periods.

Get in Touch With our Tenancy Sustainment Team

If you would like some help looking at your budget and support entitlements, get in touch with our Tenancy Sustainment Team who can help to maximise your income and check that you are accessing as much support as you can.

Use Local Support Schemes

There are plenty of community schemes that can help you with accessing food and heating, take a look here;

Warm and Welcome Spaces

Food Support Schemes