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Neighbourhood Plans Local Offers

We began a new conversation in 2018 with our tenants and residents to agree priorities and investment plans for their homes and communities over the next 5 years. These Neighbourhood Plans represent a joint approach between GCH and our tenants and residents to improve and deliver valued services.

We met with a wide range of tenants and residents at community events, drop ins and focus groups, and combined the feedback with information from surveys and complaints. This helped us to develop a strong understanding of customer experience of our services and properties, the areas we are doing well in and the areas in which we need to improve. 

During the Spring and Summer of 2019, we went back to our communities with draft plans that were created using all the feedback we had received so far to check you felt we had listened and understood what was important to you and that feedback was reflected. This also provided an opportunity to have a conversation about the best use of GCH resources to deliver priorities in a way that represents value for money.

The Neighbourhood Plans, which include your Local Offers, have now been approved by our Tenant Panel and were officially launched at our Tenant Conference in October 2019 and represent a joint approach between GCH and our tenants to continue to improve and deliver valued services which meet community needs.

Updates are continually provided in all of our Tenant publications.

You can read the Neighbourhood Plans by clicking on the images below…

GCH Neighbourhood Plan for Tuffley
Tuffley, Severn & Holmleigh
GCH Neighbourhood Plan for Kingsholm
GCH Neighbourhood Plan for Matson
GCH Neighbourhood Plan for Podsmead
Podsmead & The Oval
GCH Neighbourhood Plan for Coney Hill, Barnwood, Hucclecote and Cathedral City
Coney Hill, Barnwood, Hucclecote & Cathedral City
GCH Neighbourhood Plan for Robinswood
Robinswood, White City & The Lampreys
GCH Neighbourhood Plan for Westgate
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