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Response to Gloucestershire Live Article

We have had a positive discussion with Gloucestershire Live following an article they published last week about rodent faeces found within one of our homes. We are grateful for Gloucestershire Live highlighting the issue and confirm that a thorough complaint investigation has been carried out and the customer is now entirely satisfied with the approach we have taken. We would like to reiterate the following;

  • Unless severe, pest control issues are mainly a tenants responsibility (as opposed to a landlord repair obligation).
  • We encourage our customers to seek advice through the Environmental Services Team at Gloucester City Council or contact an independent pest control specialist.
  • We will provide advice and support to any customer who experiences issues with rodent infestations, to help resolve the matter.
  • If the reported pest control issue is due to holes, service entry points or loft spaces or under floor boards, customers can request an inspection by our Property Care team, to ensure the fabric of the property is satisfactorily maintained.
  • For elderly or vulnerable customers we will provide support and advice on where to get help.  At our discretion and in response to a severe infestation, we can arrange  pest control treatment to resolve the matter.

If customers have any questions or queries about pest control issues, please contact us on 01452 424344 and we will be happy to discuss this with you.