Make sure those with pre-payment meters use their vouchers!

The Energy Bill Support Scheme was first announced by the government in May and applies across England, Scotland and Wales.

Under the scheme, everyone’s energy bills are being cut by £400 applied over six months, with a reduction of £66 in October and November, and £67 every month between December and March 2023.

For customers who have a pre-payment meter, which requires topping up via a key or card in a local newsagent or Post Office, the help with energy bills comes in the form of a voucher.

These vouchers are sent out each month and need to be redeemed at a Post Office or Pay Point shop. The first vouchers were sent in the post / by email or text in October 2022. Future vouchers should have arrived monthly in the post by the 17th of each month.

energy bill support scheme

Thousands remain unused!

There is concern that some people:

  • May not have received them.
  • May not have opened their post, not realising what’s inside.
  • May not know how to redeem them.
  • May be experiencing problems redeeming them.

The vouchers need to be redeemed within 3 months of being issued (so the first vouchers need to be redeemed by the beginning of/mid-January – the specific deadline will depend on when it was issued).

So if you’re holding onto vouchers, you should look at redeeming them soon – before they expire!