Guy Stenson

Chief Executive

Guy Stenson, new CEO of GCH

Guy joined GCH as Chief Executive in March 2022 and works with the Board and Executive Teams whilst overseeing the strategic leadership of GCH, shaping opportunities, building relationships and partnerships to add value within the operating environment.  He is accountable to customers and oversees the delivery of valued services to tenants and leaseholders. Guy leads the Executive Team to deliver the Board’s strategic plan and vision. 

Guy has 20 years leadership experience in statutory and not-for-profit sectors in housing, health and social care and in his last role led the operational delivery of customer experience at a large housing provider. He is experienced in leading service transformation and delivering quality services, innovation, improvement programmes with proven expertise of delivering tangible benefits that make a difference to the quality of life of individuals. 

Guy sits on a range of relevant networking groups to advise and influence on national and regional policy.

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