GCH Launches New Strategic Plan

Our Strategic Plan “Your GCH 2030” sets out a pathway to help us achieve our vision over the next 10 years. We intend to deliver it through three key aims:

  1. Deliver value services that meet our customers’ needs and expectations.
  2. Provide safe, decent homes for our customers with all new homes built to high quality design standards.
  3. A well governed, efficient and financially strong organisation.

Our Plan focuses on our tenants and their communities, providing valued services that are inclusive and easy to access. It gives priority to landlord safety to ensure compliance; enables continued and sustained investment in tenants’ homes; seeks to improve the carbon footprint and energy efficiency of our properties. It also drives our ambitious development programme to build well- designed, environmentally friendly homes and starts to regenerate our two largest estates.

The Board has also reviewed our Mission, Vision and Values. Our Mission and Vision have both been changed and the word “inclusive” has been added to the Integrity element of our Values.

Our Mission:           “Providing a safe, decent home for everyone and delivering services that meet our tenant’s needs and expectations”

Our Vision:             “Building homes and communities where people can thrive”

Our Values:

  • Pride                            Taking pride in everything we do.
  • Quality                         Continually improving by challenging, listening and learning.
  • Integrity                       Being fair, inclusive, objective and accountable.
  • Innovation                   Creating opportunities to change and grow.