Fire Door Safety Week

Fire Door Safety Week Logo

GCH will be supporting Fire Door Safety Week taking place from 20th – 26th September.

Fire Door Safety Week, supported by the National Fire Chiefs Council, aims to educate the public of the critical role that fire doors play in delaying the spread of smoke and fire. As well as this they seek to encourage best practice in specification and installation and top neglect in maintaining and inspecting fire doors.

In you live in a flat where your door opens onto a communal area or corridor flat door should be a Fire Door. Depending on the size of the block, fire doors can also be found on stairwells, long corridors and the exits / entrance doors to communal areas.

The British Woodworking Federation has produced a ’10 Top Tips’ relating to Fire doors in blocks of flats. We would encourage all of our residents to ‘Be Safe & Be Smart’ and remember 3 simple fire door safety rules:

  1. When you go to bed shut your doors.
  2. In the event of a fire make sure all fire doors are closed.
  3. If you think anything is wrong with a fire door – report it to us.

Take a look at our video of our top tips to make sure your door is Fire Safe below: