External property surveys

JLL surveys

We’ve arranged for some external property surveys to be completed by Jones Lang LaSalle (JLL) across various locations in the community. These surveys are essential to ensure the accuracy of our property information for our building insurance policy.

From Monday 8 April to Friday 26 April, you may see JLL’s surveyors in your neighbourhood, looking at the outside of homes, taking photos and/or measurements. 

For your peace of mind, all authorised JLL surveyors will carry photo identification cards, which they’ll be happy to show you. If you have any questions or concerns during their visits, please reach out to us at customer.experience@gch.co.uk.

These surveys won’t address repair issues, so please continue to report these directly to us.

Vantage UAV Surveys

From Monday 15 April to Friday 10 May some planned inspection works will be carried out by Remotely Piloted Aerial Systems, commonly known as ‘Drones’ by our contractor Vantage UAV Limited.

The use of drones means we won’t need to construct scaffolding around customers’ homes which greatly reduces the risk of injury on site to both GCH operatives, and local residents. It’s generally considered to be far less intrusive than inspections being carried out via the use of scaffolding and it’s less expensive, freeing up more budget for repairs and maintenance work.

Vantage UAV operators will be easily identifiable by their branded high visibility clothing. Temporary cordons will be put in place to ensure safety on the ground. Vantage UAV will endeavour to keep noise and disruption to an absolute minimum whilst on site.

Vantage UAV operators are fully qualified & insured, and are fully endorsed by the Civil Aviation Authority to carry out this work. More information about them is available on their website www.vantageuav.com.