gloucester city plan
Gloucester City Council Policies Map

The Gloucester City Plan, the blueprint for shaping how the city will develop, has been published by Gloucester City Council.

The plan runs until 2031 and sets out where land will be used for business development to promote economic growth, and where the city will provide for new homes for communities.

As well as aiming for high quality developments that enhance the city’s historic qualities and its natural environment, the city plan also encourages the regeneration of current brownfield sites, such as land behind the St Oswalds retail park, which has been set aside for new housing.

Other green measures include requirements for developers to improve the natural environment and increase biodiversity. Existing trees, woodland and hedgerows must be protected and sufficient outdoor spaces provided for households that promote healthy lifestyles. Developments should also be mindful of climate change, with measures in place to protect from flooding, preservation of allotments and greenery used to reduce air pollution and noise.

The plan also sets out a commitment for 25 percent of new homes to be accessible for those with disabilities.

"As the provider of the majority of Gloucester’s social housing, we welcome the commitment to higher standards for development and the drive for quality new homes in the Gloucester City Plan. We are pleased to see the measures in place to improve biodiversity, as we know the huge positive impact that access to the natural environment has on people’s lives.”