Anglian Appointed as GCH’s New Windows & Doors Contractor

Logo for Anglian Windows

GCH is pleased to have appointed a brand new windows and doors contractor, Anglian Home Improvements. Anglian have over 50 years experience in the industry and have been appointed by GCH as they can provide high quality home improvements as part of our planned home improvements works.

Generally, windows and doors on GCH homes will be replaced roughly every 30 years to ensure they provide a high level of safety and energy efficiency to your home. You will be written to if your home is on the schedule for windows or door replacement but you can contact us if you believe there is an issue with yours.

Iona Lennon, Senior Surveyor at GCH says “We are pleased to start working with Anglian on our planned works program. Anglian can provide our residents with a good value for money and quality service.”