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Your Housing Officer

Your Housing Officer can help you with various tenancy related issues such as:

  • Reporting births, deaths and marriages
  • Alterations to your home
  • Moving in and moving out
  • Referrals for support
  • Other tenancy related issues

Click here if you want to make a report online.

Please see details for your Housing Officer below. There is a duty officer available during our opening hours who can be contacted on 01452 424344 or email
Shereen Martin - Housing Officer at GCH

Matson South and Central, Abbeydale, Chequers & Cheltenham

Shereen Martin

Call: 01452 833174
Email Shereen

Amanda Hayward - Housing Officer at GCH

Matson North and East, Robinswood* and The Lampreys

Amanda Hayward

Call: 01452 833173
Email Amanda

*Not including The Butts

photo of Simone

Westgate, Tewkesbury, Highnam & Witcombe

Simone Curran

Call: 01452 833177
Email Simone

Laura Mann - Housing Officer at GCH

Coney Hill, Hucclecote and Cathedral City

Laura Mann

Call: 01452 833214
Email Laura

Debbie Preece - Housing Officer at GCH

Kingsholm, Elmbridge, Longlevens, White City, Barton and Maisemore

Debbie Preece

Call: 01452 833176
Email Debbie

Female shadow image

Podsmead and Tredworth

Katie Bird

Call: 01452 833148
Email Katie

David Hemmings - Housing Officer at GCH

Tuffley, The Butts, Stonehouse, Horsley, Hardwicke, Holmleigh, Severn, The Oval, Linden and Quedgeley

David Hemmings

Call: 01452 833136
Email Dave

Housing officers are responsible for a particular estate or group of properties. The role involves supporting tenants and encouraging them to take part in our tenant panel that help shape the community in which they live.

This job would typically include:

  • assessing the needs of people applying for housing
  • allocating vacant accommodation
  • carrying out regular inspections to make sure all properties are in a good state of repair
  • dealing with anti-social behaviour and broken tenancy agreements
  • referring tenants to appropriate sources of benefits and welfare advice
  • setting rents and dealing with payments and arrears
  • arranging for legal action to be taken where necessary
  • gathering statistical information and preparing reports
  • attending tenants’ meetings

This role would involve working closely with other agencies, such as social services departments and welfare rights organisations.