Pay Your Rent

How to pay your rent

We will offer a range of payment methods to support the payment of rent and make that inclusive for all. Call us on 01452 424344


  • Direct Debit (weekly, monthly, fortnightly, 4 weekly, all days/dates)
  • Payment by swipe card with cash, cheques or debit card (Post Office or Paypoint throughout the country)
  • Payment by telephone via debit and credit card (Allpay 24hrs or direct to GCH 8.30 – 5.00pm). Also we can set up a reoccurring card payment to take ongoing payments.
  • Payment by the internet via debit and credit card (24hrs)
  • Cash and cheques direct to GCH.
  • Housing Benefit direct to landlord.

Please note that if you need to make a claim for Universal Credit we can assist you with your claim please contact us for assistance.