Digital Log Book

Take control of your digital future with the Digital Log Book

The Digital Log Book is an online tool for people to create, manage and share their information safely and easily with online government services, in-line with the ‘digital by default’ approach.

If you already have a log book please login below.

If you would like a Log Book set up, please fill out the short form below.

GCH will be providing, a free of charge, chance for every tenant to sign up for a Log Book and take advantage of the many things it offers:

  • Create a job search journal & create a CV
  • Access community information and local contacts
  • Store your ID proofs safely and digitally for whenever you need them
  • Control who you share your information with
  • Learn valuable digital and life skills
  • Templates to help household budgeting
  • Check your up to date rent balance
Digital Logbook

All new tenants will  have to set up a Log Book as part of their pre-tenancy check but we are offering all tenants the opportunity to register for one and hold information in one central place.

Each Digital Logbook is password protected and you can choose if you wish to share most of the information contained in it with GCH or not.  If you leave GCH your Digital Logbook and personal information goes with you!

I have used CV functions on other websites but they are not as user friendly as the Digital Log Book. I was able to structure my CV so it looked more professional and within a week or so, I managed to find a job.

Request a Digital Log Book

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  • *If you do not have an email address we can support you to help you to set one up. You will need an email address to create an account