You Said, We Did

We are always trying to improve our services. Your views help us to make sure our services meet your needs and improve things that we get wrong.

Here are some examples of work we have recently completed in reaction to your feedback.


You Said “The area behind Matson shop is always covered in waste and looks messy” We did – Working with the community and the owners/staff from the retail outlets we have given the area a tidy up
Behind Matson shops - before Behind Matson shops - after
You Said “The bin shutters in Fountain Square are old and not very secure”  We did – Replaced the shutters with metal ones which are safer and more secure.
You Said “The bin store in Kingsholm attracts flytipping and is an eyesore” We did – Removed the bin store and replaced it with individual bins in a better position
 You Said “The flats on Norbury Avenue are attracting fly tipping and is looking very tierd.”

We did – Replaced fencing, added new steel garden gates, replaced the roadway to the bin stores and added two new bin stores. 

You Said “The garage sites on Badminton Road attract fly tipping”  We did – Tidied the area before adding a new gate to secure the area.
You Said “There is a dumped car and bulky items in Winsley Road” We did – Investigated who the items belonged to and asked them to take action. Just a few days later the perpetrator removed the items themselves.
You Said “More parking is needed at Pickwick Close” We did – Installed 7 new parking bays outside the properties
You Said “The planters in Westgate are overgrown and look too messy” We did – Replanted the planters with a selection of smaller plants and have scheduled maintenance in the future.
You Said “The access to Fountain Square is being blocked by vehicles, preventing access for emergency vehicles, bin collection lorries and access to garages.”  We did – Painted yellow markings on the road to show that no parking is allowed in the area at any time. This has already had a high impact.