Other Involvement Opportunities

At Gloucester City Homes, tenants are at the heart of our services so we want to hear from you. Here are the opportunities there are for you to get involved and have your say.

As well as the Tenant Panel, Community Impact FundShine Employment & Training Service and Junior Wardens we have other opportunities for tenants and residents to get involved with us and your communities. These are:

Challenge and Change Group This is not a permanent group. It is a focused working group which will come together as and when required and will be made up of 2 or 3 members of the Tenant Panel and individual tenants who have expressed an interest or ‘passion’ in a particular service area or issue. The tenants will be encouraged to challenge GCH in terms of performance and identify areas that they feel the new Tenant Panel needs to focus.

Join your local tenants and residents’ group Tenant and resident groups are set up by residents in different areas, who meet to discuss local issues and identify ways to improve the local community. Dedicated and hard-working tenant and resident volunteers run the groups which are open to everyone living in the area. Whatever your local group focuses on, it is a fantastic way for tenants to have a collective voice, arrange social events and build a great community spirit.

There are tenants and residents groups in Matson & Robinswood, Tuffley, Tredworth, White City and Westgate. For more information check out our community map.

GCH Online We are looking for tenants who already use online services and are willing to work with us to develop this area. This could just be your passion or by working with us to provide you with valuable work experience and the development of new skills.

Community events We hold a range of events within our communities. This is a great way to get tenants together with GCH staff and partners.

GCH Tenant Board members GCH places tenants at the heart of running the company. The Board is made up of paid directors, including tenants, who have skills in things like business, building homes, working in housing services, community engagement and knowledge of tenants needs. If you are interested in becoming a Tenant Board member please contact us.

Currently we are reviewing our engagement opportunities, if you are interested in getting involved get in touch with us.