Challenge & Change Scrutiny Reviews

Unlike the Tenant Scrutiny Panel, which Challenge and Change replaces, this is not a permanent group. It is a focused working group which will come together as and when required and will be made up of 2 or 3 members of the Tenant Panel and individual tenants who have expressed an interest or ‘passion’ in a particular service area or issue.

At the Annual Tenant Conference tenants will be encouraged to challenge GCH in terms of our performance and identify areas that they feel the new Tenant Panel needs to focus. They will also be provided with the opportunity to sign up for future Challenge and Change reviews so that they can be contacted by members of the Tenant Panel to participate in a review.

The reviews will be focused and time limited. Participants will only be expected to attend two or three meetings and can also get involved on-line. This new approach is intended to encourage wider and more flexible involvement by allowing tenants to have their say about things that are important to them and in a way that suits them.

When the review is completed the Tenant Panel will receive the findings and recommendations and present them to the Board’s Audit Committee.