Junior Wardens Scheme

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The Junior Warden Scheme was first set-up by GCH with community stakeholders in 2009. The scheme is aimed at encouraging children below senior school age to become more involved in their community and take pride in the environment in which they live.

Junior Wardens are encouraged to show respect for themselves, their community and their environment. Currently there are Junior Warden groups at 5 schools.

Activities carried out by the wardens include estate inspections, traffic speed awareness, road safety awareness and learning about anti-social behaviour.

Junior Wardens are encouraged to let us know how to improve their local area, for example more lighting, dog bins and picnic benches. By being part of the scheme they become community ambassadors who will encourage friends and families to take care of the community they live in.

The Junior Wardens scheme helps to develop confidence, positive relationships with school friends, respect and understanding of local service providers and has developed an understanding of the impact of ASB.

Changes to the Scheme

For the school year 2016/17 we have changed the Junior Wardens scheme slightly following a review to ensure it still delivers value for money.

Following consultation with the schools and our partners we have made a few changes which will mean that even more young people will be able to take part in the scheme and see the benefits. The new scheme will be shorter and will focus on the main activities that have seen our Junior Wardens make a real difference in their communities

The most important things we hope to pass on to our Junior Wardens are:

  • Pride and a sense of belonging in their community
  • Confidence to speak out when something need changing or improving
  • Knowledge of who to report things to or how to make changes themselves

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